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There are many different types of shower available. Electric showers connect to a cold water mains supply and heat the water as needed. Furthermore, there isn’t any need to store the hot water in a tank for later use. Next, a shower bath uses a shower head on a hose connected to the bath taps.

Alternatively, you can buy other models that automatically mix hot and cold water using a thermostatic mixing valve. Thereby, giving water of the required temperature. Power showers allow stored hot water to be fed to the mixing valve at a pressure comparable to mains pressure. So, mains and stored water can blend evenly.

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The commonest style to choose from is a pedestal basin. This comes with a porcelain pedestal column and can be freestanding anywhere. Although they generally need to be fixed to a wall as well, other types rely on a wall fixing alone. Furthermore, other variations drop into a hole cut into a worktop or vanity unit.

These are wider and deeper than usual, and more accessible for handicapped users - Local Bathroom Fitters. Usually, they are wall–mounted, as well as being supported by two or four supporting legs. Unlike a kitchen, you need two sets of sink taps in a bathroom. One on the washbasin and one on the bathtub (assuming you have one).

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On average, taps take between 30 to 60mins to fit. But, if they’re more exotic, can take longer. Bathrooms tend to have very high moisture levels in the air. This condenses onto cold surfaces like a wall or floor, which also happen to be absorbent. This can cause damp and other problems so it’s usual to cover the walls with tiles made from ceramic, stone, plastic or another impermeable material.

Tiles come in different sizes, materials, colours and thicknesses to suit various situations. Wall tiles are usually calculated in square metres. And, professional tilers usually charge per square metre or with an hourly rate. This can be between £15 and £30/hr depending on the size of the job, the condition of the walls, and what material the tiles are made from.

Like taps, well-chosen tiles will make a cheap bathroom suite look sophisticated if you spend a little bit more on them. How Much Will a New Bathroom Cost in 2021?. Typical wall and floor tiles range from £5 to £50/m2 but can be more expensive if we consider polished stone floor tiles. Underfloor heating is a cheap and efficient way to heat a bathroom if you can install the heating elements or pipes while the other work goes on (Local Bathroom Fitters).

Imagine stepping out of the bath or shower in the middle of winter without any heating in the bathroom. It’s not a very nice thought, is it? Another uncomfortable thought is to wrap yourself with a towel, made damp by the moisture in the air. What you need is a towel radiator, more often known as a ‘heated towel rail’.

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Typically, they look like a ladder and have the rails designed to hold wet towels so they can dry. The heated rails serve another purpose too (What's the Cost to Add a Whole New Bathroom to Your House?). They also warm the room. This is one component that should be included in a bathroom refit. And, you can buy relatively cheap ones for less than £100, although the average cost can be up to £150 depending on size.